Dryers: A Quick Troubleshooting Guide

The simple combination of air and motion is what makes a dryer work. Dryers have a straightforward design that involves a drum to hold the wet laundry, a motor and drive belt, and a blower to force air into the drum. Depending on your laundry needs, most dryers allow you to set a timer or change the temperature and speed of the drum. Some models have a moisture sensor to automatically turn off the dryer when the load is dry, which can help to save energy.

Dryer Repair | AABCO Service Appliance RepairIf your dryer isn’t working as efficiently as usual, take a look at the tips in this guide. Before looking at the questions and answers, however, make sure that your lint filter is clear of lint – and that you clean it before each load. Many dryer problems can be prevented or fixed by keeping the dryer free of lint and ensuring that the exhaust vent or pipe is clear.

If the motor won’t run… … check to see if the door is fully closed. Most dryers have a door switch that must be activated for the dryer to work.…allow the dryer cool down for 10 minutes. Then push the reset button on your dryer (usually located on the control panel).
If the drying time is excessive… …make sure that the dryer is not overloaded with laundry (check the manufacturer’s recommendations for a full load)….check the exhaust system and ensure that air is flowing freely….ensure that your laundry is damp, not soaking wet. If it too wet, you may want to run another spin cycle in the clothes washer….measure the length of your venting duct. If it’s longer than 18 feet, you may need to install a helper blower in the duct to enable hot air to exit more quickly.
If the drying temperature is too hot… …check the lint screen and make sure that it is clean….check to see if the exhaust pipe is bent or blocked. Also check the vent where it exits from your home, as it too can be obstructed by lint and other debris….check the position of your dryer. If it’s pushed too far back, this can impede the flow of exhaust air.

As always, observe basic safety precautions when preparing to do any work on your dryer. Make sure to unplug the unit first, and if your dryer uses gas, turn off the gas supply valve.

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