Cleaning More Than The Lint Filter

A lot of dust and fibers come off of your clothes and are trapped within the lint filter. That’s good obviously since that’s what the filter is there for, but did you know that some of the lint makes it through or around the filter and sticks to the inside of your dryer and to your ducts.

Dryer Repair | AABCO Service Appliance RepairI’m sure you already know that you need to clean your lint trap after every load, but did you know that lint can accumulate in the area where the lint trap is situated? Small gaps around the filter itself, or a damaged filter can allow the lint through. Every now and then it’s a good idea when cleaning the lint filter to remove it completely and use a flashlight to peer into the area where the lint filter goes to make sure that there is not a large accumulation of lint. If there is, you can use a vent brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove it, (see the tips on dryer duct maintenance for specifics).

Don’t forget to check your lint filter for cracks and tears, and if you find any replace it immediately to keep the lint from building up within your dryer and your ducts. Too much lint buildup is a fire hazard.

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