General Dishwasher Tips

Dishwasher Repair | AABCO Service Appliance RepairYou rely on your dishwasher to take the drudgery out of cleaning your dishes, so don’t let it fall into disrepair. The following tips will help you keep it running for many years to come:

* Note – To avoid accidents, the power should be completely switched off before you start any cleaning.

  • Clean the outside with a wet cloth or sponge which is soft enough to avoiding scratching the surface.
  • Check your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to clean the filter at the base of your dishwasher.
  • When washing many utensils, divide them in reasonable numbers and avoid over packing the dishwasher. When packed too tightly they will obstruct the spray and you will be left with dirty utensils.
  • Giant utensils can sometimes fall out of the utensil area and interfere with the cleaning spray. It’s best to wash these utensils by hand.


Every dishwasher is different, so read your specific manual for recommendations. Keep it someplace safe where you can get to it easily and refer back to it often. If you follow these tips you just may avoid needing a dishwasher repair in the future.

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